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We offer specialist programs in Physical and Sport Education, Performing and Visual Arts, and LOTE (Mandarin).

Other learning programs and opportunities include Literacy Intervention, Instrumental Music, Mini Singers and Choir, Dance Groups, Student Council, camps and excursions, and special interest activity days that extend student learning opportunities. Our curriculum also incorporates opportunities for students to develop decision making, problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Students are individuals and as such we recognise that they each learn differently and that each brings their own experiences and perspectives to every learning opportunity. Offering education at the student’s point of need and providing an individual learning plan for each student is part of the framework we believe is essential for individual learning success. By working together teachers and students recognise the student’s preferred learning styles. They work together providing opportunities for students to progress at their own pace, focussing on individual learning needs and allowing each student to attain their potential.

The use of Restorative Practice, TRIBES and Play is the Way, Prep/Year 5 buddy program and Circle Time have assisted us in promoting student engagement and wellbeing in the playground and in the yard. These programs are used daily to foster a friendly, tolerant and respectful school body. The use of these programs across every learning level has provided a common language and understanding across the whole school community to facilitate a healthy and supportive environment for both students and teachers alike.

As a member of the Whitehorse Network of schools, our teachers are involved in across school curriculum networks as well as school based ‘Focus Teams’ which uses the Effective Schools model to develop action research and to inform staff of their practice. The school is committed to the achievement of excellence and the maintenance of an environment where learning is valued and supported by all.