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At Surrey Hills Primary School all children wear a school uniform.

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Uniform Policy


The wearing of school uniform is essential:

1. To maintain the school’s atmosphere, identity, prestige, tone and spirit,
2. To promote within the students a sense of pride and school identity and enhance the supervision and safety on excursions,
3. To provide clothing that is practicable, presentable and affordable,
4. To eliminate peer group pressure to wear less appropriate clothing to school.


1. Students wear the Surrey Hills Primary School uniform on a daily basis unless exemption has been granted by the Principal, in line with Department of Education, Employment and Training policy. As with all other areas of financial difficulty, parents will be encouraged to make arrangements with the Principal regarding provision of uniform items for their children.
2. A special commemorative jumper will be offered to all Year 6 students for purchase.
3. Parents are to be strongly encouraged to affix name tags to all items of uniform.
4. All items of school uniform are available Fashion Clubwear. Liaison with Fashion Clubwear will be co-ordinated by a Uniform Sub-Committee of School Council. Second hand uniform items are also available to parents.
5. A current uniform list will be made available to parents on a regular basis.
6. Surrey Hills Primary School Dress Code will be in line with the School’s SunSmart Policy where possible.
7. The school uniform should encourage students to look smart as well as serving their practical needs.
8. No jewellery may be worn with the exception of a watch or plain studs.
9. Hair below the shoulders is to be tied back as per the Head Lice Policy
10. Staff will actively monitor and encourage the wearing of full school uniform.